“Rochester’s Sensory-Motor Specialists”
  1. SPARC is a privately owned Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy program in the city of Rochester, NY specializing in testing and treating individuals with Sensory-Motor Dysfunction. 

  1. We offer evidence-based treatments that focus on improving function through the body-mind connection in a fun, supported and natural environment. SPARC also believes in supporting family goals and values for maximal success overall.


  1. We subscribe to the theory of neuroplasticity, that the brain is constantly changing - something once thought to be impossible.  It is now known that many learning, movement, sensory dysfunctions and regulation difficulties are in fact largely due to disconnections and/or imbalances between parts of the brain and the information coming and going from the body.


Welcome to Sparc.  We are an occupational therapy and physical therapy, sensory-motor program focused on treating individuals of all ages using approaches based on sensory integration theories and current brain research.

Our focus is to help individuals:

  1. GROW and realize their greatest potential,

  2. CONNECT the underlying building blocks at the

      foundation of physical, cognitive and emotional

     health, and achieve...

  1. BALANCE within each person, their families        

      and their world to find joy in their everyday life.


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Breakthrough Reading Program

2016 Summer Intensives

Beginning July 5

If you are interested in visiting Sparc and would like to meet the therapists, just call or email us and set up a time to come in. 

All are welcome.



Bringing great things to our community! 

Located at :

595 Blossom Rd

Suite 308 (3rd floor)

Rochester, NY 14610

(next to Artisan Works